IKAWA PROFESSIONAL INSECTS LIGHT TRAP MODEL IK-XENEPUS18 is the perfect solution to fly problems in restaurants. Flying insects are attracted to the high-intensity Synergetic UV light and are captured by the adhesive board hidden inside.


Ideal for Kiosks, bars and buffet food placement areas, IK-Xen18 keeps insects hidden from view, allowing ultimate discretion in sensitive areas. This portable unit is highly efficient in eliminating flying insects especially around food area and able to eliminate flies nearby your food area. This unit can be wall-mounted up to a maximum of 6 feet. It made out of white and black powder coated steel which makes the unit more durable and long lasting. 


The unit is more hygienic and easy to maintain compared to the traditional electric zappers which kills insects then spread infection into our air. Our mission is to bring the most hygienic ways to prevent the flying insects fragmented showering viruses and bacteria.


IKAWA IK-XEN18-WHT White Professional Insects Light Trap

RM550.00 Regular Price
RM495.00Sale Price
  • Technical Specifications:

    Area Coverage: 35meter square (400sq ft )

    Light Source: 1 x OSRAM 19w RoHS Certified UV-A PL Lamp

    Catch Specifications: Temperature Optimised Glueboard with Silicone paper cover

    Weight: Approx 3.0 Kg with light tube fitted

    Material: Powder Coated Metal

    Guarantee: Two [2] Years

    Lamp Life: Twelve [12] Months

    Power Cosumption: 25 watts

    Mounting Position: Portable or Wall Mounted

    Dimensions : 255mm x 47mm x 290mm


    Glueboard Specs

    Size: 213mm x 243mm

    Duration: Upto 2 months

    Glue Materials: Glue, Insects Pheromone

    Material: Art Card 

    Shelf Life: >60 Days under erosion of UV Rays

    1 Pack consists of 10 pcs Glueboard