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Introducing our Advanced Adhesive Glueboard Sticky Pad - Your Ultimate Solution for Effective Insect Capture!


Experience the pinnacle of insect control with our state-of-the-art Adhesive Glueboard Sticky Pad. Crafted using recyclable art card and coated with a highly sticky adhesive glue, this revolutionary pad offers unmatched performance in pest management.


Here's why our sticky pad stands out from the rest:

  1. Unbeatable Weather Resistance: Our adhesive glueboard is specifically designed to withstand varying weather conditions. Rain or shine, it remains intact, ensuring optimal performance without drying out or washing off.
  2. UV Ray Compatibility: Working in perfect harmony with UV rays, our sticky pad is optimized to lure insects effectively. Say goodbye to dripping issues and embrace seamless insect capture.
  3. Extended Stickiness: The stickiness of our glueboard lasts an impressive 60 days or until the coverage areas are completely covered by insects. With this long-lasting effectiveness, you can enjoy continuous protection without interruptions
  4. High-Quality UVA Resistance Adhesive: Our sticky pad is embedded with a premium UVA resistance adhesive, ensuring superior insect capture over extended periods.
  5. Fine Blends Adhesive Coating: The adhesive coating on our pad is meticulously crafted for a long shelf life, minimizing stocking issues and maximizing efficiency.


Technical Specifications:

  • Glueboard Size: 210mm x 242mm, offering ample space for efficient insect capture.
  • Material: Art Card, promoting eco-friendliness and sustainability.
  • Shelf Life: Exceeding 60 days under the erosion of UV rays, guaranteeing reliable and prolonged performance.
  • Packing: 10pcs/pack, providing sufficient supply for continuous use.


Refill Glueboards:

Designed for use with our Insects Light Trap Model IK-XEN18, our sticky pad serves as the ideal companion for a seamless insect control experience.


User-Friendly Directions:

Using our glueboard sticky pad is a breeze. Simply peel off the plastic cover sheet and place it onto the designated area slot in your insects light trap machine. It's that easy!

GAM PELEKAT LALAT IK-GB-XEN18 210mm x 242mm [10pcs/20pcs] per pack

RM70.00 Regular Price
RM55.00Sale Price
    1. Glueboard Size: 210mm x 242mm
    2. Material: Art Card
    3. Shelf Life: >60 Days under erosion of UV Rays
    4. Packing: 10pcs/pack
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