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"Welcome to IKAWA GROUP SDN BHD! We provide top-tier insect control solutions worldwide, offering a range from household, food and beverage industries, hospitality, food processing to industrial use. Our experts guide you to the best fit for your business, while our eco-friendly focus ensures a hygienic dining experience for your customers."

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"Pest Solutions, Perfected: IKAWA Fly Traps."

Established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2009, IKAWA GROUP SDN BHD stands as a dedicated private limited company. Our commitment extends beyond business; it's rooted in the triumph of each client-partner and our unwavering pursuit of top-tier quality and efficiency.

At IKAWA GROUP, we safeguard and nurture the very essence of what Malaysians hold dear: pure sustenance and a hygienic haven. Our aspiration is to collaborate with you, forging innovative pathways to elevate our environment. We believe every individual deserves the embrace of immaculate surroundings while relishing their mealtime moments.

Driven by a passion to redefine technological boundaries, we continuously challenge norms to present our customers with paramount environmental products. Our devotion to the environment is unwavering, promoting eco-friendly solutions as a testament to our reverence for our surroundings. Within our facilities, we not only tend to your needs but ardently care for our shared ecosystem.

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