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Easily recognised by their glowing green light, Synergetic® tubes have been developed to attract a much wider range of flying insects than traditional blue UV lamps.



Based upon a unique phosphor mix, innovative technology ensures that a broader ‘ two peak’ wavelength is maintained (368nm and 540nm) attracting a wide range of insects including stored product moths, whilst attracting the common housefly as effectively as traditional blue UV bullbs, giving you the best of both UV technologies.

Extensive testing has been carried out over many years by independent entomologists and test laboratories, showing the benefits of green light in combination with UV.

A wide diversity of insects were shown to be more attracted to Synergetic® light, including greenhouse whiteflies, silverleaf whiteflies, thrips, leafhoppers, Indian meal moths, Mediterranean flour moths, tropical warehouse moths, warehouse moths, plus many more!



Many insect pests of public health, stored product and agricultural importance have evolved visual pigments which allow them to perceive green light.


Recordings of electroretinograms in housefly eyes found peaks in both UV (340-365nm) and blue green (450-550nm) with similar sensitivities found in other Diptera eg. Calliphora vicina Meig, Haematobiairritans L., Musca autumnalis De Geer, Stamoxys calcitrans L., Glossina morsitans morsitans, Westwood., and Fannia canicularis L., as well as the mosquito Aedes aegypti (323-345nm and 523nm). Several Tabanid species were also found to have a peak activity of 400-600nm.


Synergetic UV for Insects Killer

15 Watt 18" T8 450mm Tube

Brand: Synergetic

Model: TGX15-18


This Synergetic UV Fly Killer T8 Tube is a specialist solution to Insect-O-Cutor units. Developed to attract a much wider range of insects, this 15 watt tube features a broader 'two peak' wavelength and emits a Green glow rather than the Blue-ish light UV tubes usually emit. Lasts around 8000 hours with a 450mm length.


Technical Specifications

Synergetic UV Insects Killer 15 Watt 18" T8 450mm Tube

Actual Wattage

15 W



Cap/Base Type

2 Pins Each End




15 mm


450 mm



Manufacturers Average Lamp Life

8000 hrs


T8 Linear (26mm Dia)


Fluorescent Tubes


IK-SYN-BULB T18 15watt Insects/Pest Killer

RM75.00 Regular Price
RM65.00Sale Price
  • 6 months

  • All items are tested before sending out to clients. Defects, returns & refund policy upon manufacturers defect.

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