Suitable for: IK-BT950 Professional Industrial Insects Light Trap


The Sylvania Blacklight F40W T12 2FT BL368 FEP Toughcoat | 59cm , which are among the most widely used artificial light sources in the world! due to the Fluorescent used within the tube and versatility it creates, it enables the lighting source to be used in a multitude of application areas. They do not only produce a lot of light but also the average lifetime, 10000 hours concerning this specific tube, making them ideal for use both in the professional sector and for private use. 


There is a wide range of possible application areas for fluorescent tubes. From stores, offices, restaurants, hotels to stadiums and sports halls, warehouses, hospitals, roads and tunnel illumination as well as numerous applications for private use. These are the following additional characteristics:

The Sylvania Blacklight F40W T12 2FT BL368 FEP Toughcoat | 59cm tube. This has a length of 590, and a wattage of  40 W.


When replacing the Sylvania Blacklight F40W T12 2FT BL368 FEP Toughcoat | 59cmmake sure you select the corresponding length / wattage as you have now. These are in fact related to each other. A lamp with a different length or wattage will unfortunately not work.

Please make sure the specifications of the product match your current specifications or the specifications need for your specialized usage.

Specifications for Sylvania Blacklight F40W T12 2FT BL368 FEP Toughcoat | 59cm:

The Sylvania Blacklight F40W T12 2FT BL368 FEP Toughcoat | 59cm are Fluorescent tubes with a Diameter of 38 , exclusively used in installations for specified purposes. These tubes with a length of 590 mm, Sylvania Blacklight F40W T12 2FT BL368 FEP Toughcoat | 59cm by Sylvania have a G13 socket type.

With a colour  temperature of Black Light. The Sylvania Blacklight F40W T12 2FT BL368 FEP Toughcoat | 59cm lamps have a an average lifespan 10000 hours. These lamps will thus enable you to make  savings on maintenance costs.



Range features

  • Excellent fragment retention in the event of breakage.
  • The protective FEP coating meets the IEC60068-2-75 Pendulum
  • Hammer test (5 Joule) and the 4m drop test, demonstrating
  • excellent glass retention in the event of accidental lamp
  • breakage
  • The 97% UV-A transmission of FEP maintains maximum insect
  • attraction
  • No discolouration or yellowing of shatter resistant coating during
  • the entire lamp life (\> 10,000 hrs)
  • The FEP material does not degrade during life. Versions
  • employing PET coatings become brittle, and may not contain
  • fragments. PET is also less transparent for UV- radiation
  • The coating withstands up to 200ºC in both open and enclosed
  • IP65 fittings.
  • The melting temperature is 260ºC
  • Meets all necessary regulations for resistance to heat and fire,
  • and does not support combustion when exposed to naked flame
  • or excessive heat. It passes the 850ºC Glow Wire Test
  • Satisfies the requirements of the International Food Standard
  • (IFS 2004)
  • FDA approved, in compliance with 21CFR177.1550 Regulatory


Compliance Status

  • Satisfies the requirements of the BRC (British Retail Consortium)
  • leading supermarkets global standard. In paragraph it
  • states All bulbs and strip lights, including those on electric fly
  • killer units, where they constitute a risk to products, shall be
  • protected by shatterproof plastic diffusers, sleeve covers or with
  • a shatterproof protective coating



  • Insect attraction in restaurants, kitchens, food shops,
  • supermarkets
  • Food processing plants
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • The risk of glass and mercury contamination is strongly
  • decreased
  • Help to avoid injury and loss of production time



How to install and replace your tubes?

These tubes operate with a ballast therefore it is not possible to change the wattage; otherwise your ballast will not work.

Sylvania Blacklight F40W T12 2FT BL368 FEP Toughcoat | 59cm

RM170.00 Regular Price
RM119.00Sale Price
  • Sylvania Blacklight F40W T12 2FT BL368 FEP Toughcoat | 59cm

    • Average Lifetime: 10000 hours
    • Power output (watts): 40
    • Socket Type:G13
    • Light Output: (Lumen)
    • Light Colour: Black Light
    • Dimmable: Yes, with dimmable ballast only


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