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Elevate Atmosphere with SYLVANIA Blacklight BL368 Compact MiniLynx 20W


Application area:

  1. Industry and manufactoring trade
  2. Manufacturing, processing, hardening, drying, coating of plastics, adhesives, varnishes, steel and paints
  3. Insect traps



Model: Blacklight BL368 Compact MiniLynx

Wattage: 20W

Type: Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)

Application: Unveil the Mystique of Blacklight

Color: Illuminating Ultraviolet

Voltage: Typically Thriving at 220-240V


The SYLVANIA Blacklight BL368 Compact MiniLynx 20W isn't just a light; it's an experience. Designed by the renowned brand SYLVANIA, this compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) is a mesmerizing source of blacklight or ultraviolet (UV) illumination.


Unveil the Enigma:

  • Emanate Elegance: The SYLVANIA Blacklight BL368 Compact MiniLynx 20W transforms ordinary spaces into realms of UV-induced enchantment.

  • Innovative Application: With its compact size and exceptional UV output, this lamp is your ticket to a world of creative applications. Whether you're crafting an immersive ambiance or inspecting UV-sensitive materials, it's your artistic ally.

  • Vivid Illumination: The captivating UV light it radiates, often called blacklight, brings out hidden patterns and hues that are invisible under regular lighting. Watch as your environment is cloaked in a surreal glow.

  • Dynamic Versatility: From entertainment venues to artistic displays, this lamp elevates your creative arsenal, adding depth and intrigue to every setting.


Technical Brilliance:

  • 20W of Power: Emitting a balanced 20 watts of energy, the lamp is both efficient and captivating.

  • CFL Craftsmanship: Engineered as a compact fluorescent lamp, it fuses energy efficiency with captivating illumination.

  • Voltage Vigor: Operating gracefully within a voltage range of 220-240V, this lamp suits various electrical setups with ease.


Unleash Your Imagination:

The SYLVANIA Blacklight BL368 Compact MiniLynx 20W isn't just about illumination; it's about creating an atmosphere that sparks curiosity and fascination. Let it guide you into a realm where ordinary boundaries fade, and the extraordinary comes to life.

It's not just a lamp; it's a gateway to artistic expression, a tool for visual discovery, and an invitation to illuminate your surroundings with captivating UV radiance. Embrace the enchantment, courtesy of SYLVANIA.

SYLVANIA Blacklight BL368 Compact MiniLynx 20W

  • Item details

    Manufacturer: SYLVANIA

    Item No.: 10539

    GTIN: 5410288257068

    Wattage (W): 20

    Voltage (V): 230

    Base: E27

    Dimmable: no

    Diameter (mm): 52

    Dimensions Product LxWxH (cm): 5.1x5.1x17.4

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