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Sankyo Denki G10T8 10W UV Germicidal Lamp: Harnessing the Power of Light for Germ-Free Environments


The Sankyo Denki G10T8 10W UV Germicidal Lamp is a testament to advanced technology and innovative design, aimed at ensuring clean and hygienic spaces. Created by Sankyo-Denki, a pioneer in lighting solutions, this lamp is a reliable tool in the fight against germs and microorganisms. 


Product Details:

Manufacturer: Sankyo-Denki

Wattage: 10W

Voltage: 46V

Glass: T-8

Base: G13

UV Emission: 254nm 

UVC Output: 1.9W, Emitting 1.9 Watts of UVC Energy for Germicidal Efficiency

Overall Length: 13.04 Inches (331.2mm) Excluding Pins, 13.6 Inches (345.5mm) Including Pins, Adaptable to Various Fixtures

Average Rated Life: 6,000 Hours


Key Features:


Potent Germicidal Action: Operating at 254nm, the Sankyo Denki G10T8 lamp emits UV rays that effectively target and eliminate a wide spectrum of germs and microorganisms. This makes it an essential tool in creating healthier environments.


Precise UVC Output: With a UVC output of 1.9W, this lamp ensures a controlled and efficient germicidal effect, ensuring that harmful microorganisms are neutralized effectively.


Energy-Efficient Design: At 10 watts, this germicidal lamp balances power consumption with germ-killing performance, contributing to energy savings while maintaining high standards of hygiene.


No Ozone Emission: The Sankyo Denki G10T8 UV Germicidal Lamp operates without emitting ozone, ensuring a safer and healthier atmosphere.


Reliable Longevity: With an average rated life of 6,000 hours, this lamp is built to provide consistent and reliable germicidal performance over an extended period.


Clean and Hygienic Spaces: By emitting UV rays at 254nm, this lamp targets the DNA of germs and microorganisms, effectively neutralizing their ability to multiply, ensuring spaces remain free from harmful pathogens.


Easy Integration: The G13 BiPin base ensures seamless integration into various fixtures, making installation straightforward and hassle-free.


Committed to Health: Sankyo Denki's G10T8 UV Germicidal Lamp exemplifies the commitment to health and well-being, providing a valuable solution for spaces where germ control is paramount.


Incorporating the latest in germicidal technology, the Sankyo Denki G10T8 10W UV Germicidal Lamp is a powerful tool for maintaining clean and hygienic environments. With precise UV emission, energy-efficient operation, and reliable longevity, it stands as a symbol of Sankyo-Denki's dedication to innovation and health-conscious solutions.

Sankyo Denki G10T8 10W UV Germicidal Lamp

  • Technical Specifications:

    Wattage: 10W

    Length: 330mm

    Diameter: 25.5mm

    Base Type: G13 Bi-Pin

    Lamp Current: 0.230A

    Radiation Peak: 253.7nm

    Origin: Made in Japan

    Brand: Sankyo Denki

    UV Output: 4.9 (W)

    Average Life Hours: 8000hours

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