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Introducing IMEC 588 SANI GREEN Vegetables Wash & Kitchen Cleaner, the ultimate Halal-certified solution for ensuring your fruits, vegetables, and kitchen surfaces are impeccably clean and safe for consumption.


Packed with the power of natural ingredients, IMEC 588 Sani Green provides a thorough cleanse, removing pesticides, waxes, and dirt from fruits and vegetables, while effectively eliminating harmful bacteria and germs.


Key Features:

  • Natural Ingredients: We believe in the power of nature, which is why IMEC 588 Sani Green is crafted from natural ingredients that are entirely safe for direct food contact. You can rest assured that your fruits and vegetables will be free from harmful chemicals, giving you peace of mind while you nourish your body.

  • Pesticide Removal: IMEC 588 Sani Green works diligently to rid your fruits and vegetables of pesticides and waxes, safeguarding your health and well-being.

  • Bacteria Elimination: Your health is our priority, and that's why IMEC 588 Sani Green goes above and beyond to kill 99.999% of bacteria and germs on the surfaces of fruits and vegetables, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

  • Versatile Cleaning: Our versatile cleaner isn't just limited to fruits and vegetables. It doubles as an efficient dishwashing liquid, hard surface cleaner, and degreaser in your kitchen, simplifying your cleaning routine.

  • Easy Rinse, No Residue: We understand that convenience matters, so IMEC 588 Sani Green is designed for easy rinsing, leaving no residue behind. Embrace a toxin-free environment with a cleaner that is absolutely safe and non-toxic.

  • No Harmful Additives: At IMEC, we believe in transparency and safety. That's why our formula contains no added chlorine, bleach, alcohol, artificial ingredients, or animal-based ingredients.



  • Dilution Ratios: For hard surface cleaning, use a 1:200 dilution, while for fruit and vegetable cleaning, a 1:300 dilution is recommended. This flexibility allows you to use the cleaner in the most suitable concentration for different cleaning tasks.

  • Product Code: To ensure you're getting the genuine IMEC 588 SANI GREEN Vegetables Wash & Kitchen Cleaner, look for the product code 100-588SG-5 on the packaging.

  • pH Level: Our cleaner has a pH level of 8.5 (± 0.5), ensuring effective cleaning without being overly harsh on surfaces.

  • Color: The cleaner boasts a vibrant yellow color, making it easily distinguishable in your cleaning supplies.

  • Packaging: Each purchase includes a convenient 5L bottle, providing you with a generous supply that lasts.


Experience the cleaning prowess of IMEC 588 SANI GREEN Vegetables Wash & Kitchen Cleaner, the ideal choice for families seeking a Halal-certified, natural, and effective solution for their cleaning needs. Ensure the safety and cleanliness of your fruits, vegetables, and kitchen surfaces with ease, and embrace a healthier lifestyle with IMEC 588 Sani Green.


  • No return once opened

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