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IMEC 578 Food Grade Sanitizer, Deodorizer & Cleaner


Introducing IMEC 578, a revolutionary one-step, non-corrosive sanitizer, deodorizer, and cleaner designed specifically for kitchen utensils and food & beverage equipment. This food-grade standard solution is a game-changer for your kitchen hygiene needs, ensuring a safe and spotless environment for food preparation.


Features and Benefits:

  • All-in-One Solution: IMEC 578 serves as a multi-purpose product, combining the functions of sanitizer, deodorizer, and cleaner into a single, convenient formula. This streamlines your cleaning process, saving valuable time and effort.

  • Non-Corrosive Formula: Unlike traditional hypochlorite-based cleaners, IMEC 578 is specially formulated to be gentle on equipment surfaces while providing powerful sanitization and deodorization. Say goodbye to worries about damage to your valuable kitchen tools and equipment.

  • Safe for All Surfaces: This versatile product is safe to use on all types of cleaning surfaces, making it an ideal choice for walk-in coolers, refrigerators, storage containers, and every area within your kitchen.

  • Food Grade Standard: IMEC 578 complies with food grade standards, ensuring that your kitchen remains hygienic and meets the highest sanitation requirements for food preparation areas.



  • Product Code: 100-578-2
  • pH (± 0.5): 11.5
  • Color: Pink
  • Packing: 2kg / Pack


Recommended Applications:

  • Kitchen Utensils: IMEC 578 effectively sanitizes and cleans all kitchen utensils, including cutting boards, knives, pots, and pans, eliminating harmful bacteria and odors.
  • F&B Equipment: Safely clean and sanitize food and beverage equipment such as blenders, mixers, and slicers to maintain top-notch hygiene standards.
  • Walk-in Coolers & Refrigerators: Keep your cold storage areas fresh and bacteria-free with IMEC 578's deodorizing and sanitizing properties.
  • Storage Containers: Ensure your food storage containers are free from contaminants, providing a clean environment for your ingredients.
  • All Areas within the Kitchen: IMEC 578 can be used to clean and sanitize countertops, floors, walls, and any other surfaces in your kitchen.


Halal Certified: Rest assured, IMEC 578 is Halal certified, meeting the requirements of Islamic dietary guidelines.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of IMEC 578 Food Grade Sanitizer, Deodorizer & Cleaner today, and elevate the cleanliness and safety of your kitchen to new heights!

Fruit & Vegetable Wash- IMEC 578 Sustract, Food Grade Sanitizer, Deodorizer & Cl

RM90.00 Regular Price
RM78.00Sale Price
  • No Returns upon bottles opened.

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