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IMEC 558 Rinse Aid for Dishwashing Machine, your ultimate solution for achieving sparkling clean and spotless dishes with ease. Specially designed for use in dishwashing machines, this powerful and low-foam rinse aid ensures rapid draining, leaving your dishes with a clear and sterile surface without any spots or streaks.


Crafted with quality and efficiency in mind, it significantly reduces drying time, making your dishwashing process more efficient and time-saving.


Key Features:

  • Ideal Rinsing Detergent: IMEC 558 Rinse Aid is the perfect rinsing detergent for your dishwashing machine, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process.

  • Powerful Low Foam Formula: The low foam formula of this rinse aid guarantees rapid draining, preventing any excessive foaming that may cause disruptions in the dishwashing process.

  • Spotless and Streak-Free Results: Your dishes will shine like new with this rinse aid, as it will not dull the surface, leaving behind a clear and sterile surface without any spots or streaks.

  • Reduces Drying Time: Say goodbye to long drying times as this rinse aid speeds up the drying process, making your dishes ready to use in no time.

  • Dispenser Compatibility: Dispense this rinse aid effortlessly through the IMEC Pro D.5578 Dispenser, ensuring precise and convenient application.


Technical Specifications:

  • Product Code: 100-558-C
  • pH (± 0.5): 3.0
  • Color: Blue
  • Packing: 2 x 10L / Ctn


Invest in IMEC 558 Rinse Aid for Dishwashing Machine to achieve remarkable results in your dishwashing process. With its spotless and streak-free finish, rapid draining capability, and reduced drying time, this rinse aid ensures the utmost efficiency and cleanliness for your dishes. Say goodbye to dull and streaky surfaces, and embrace the brilliance of spotless dishes with IMEC 558 Rinse Aid for Dishwashing Machine.


RM220.00 Regular Price
RM195.00Sale Price
  • No return once bottle opened

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