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Introducing IMEC 525F Foam Hand Soap, your premium Halal-certified hand cleaning solution available in a convenient 2 x 10L pack. This exceptional foam soap is formulated with conditioning and moisturizing properties, providing an emollient-enriched hand-cleaning experience like no other.



Key Features:

  • Conditioning & Moisturizing Properties: IMEC 525F Foam Hand Soap not only cleans your hands effectively but also nourishes them with conditioning and moisturizing agents, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple after each use.

  • Pleasing Fragrance: Enjoy a delightful handwashing experience with the pleasant fragrance that accompanies every use of IMEC 525F Foam Hand Soap.

  • Environmentally Friendly: This foam soap is an eco-conscious choice, as it is more environmentally friendly compared to liquid soap. By reducing soap and water consumption, it contributes to sustainability efforts.

  • Efficient and Economical: The foam soap's unique formula means each pump dispenses less volume compared to a pump of liquid soap. This not only promotes thorough washing but also makes it an economical choice for your hand-cleaning needs.

  • Rich Lather-like Foam: The rich lather-like foam generated by IMEC 525F makes handwashing a breeze, encouraging proper hand hygiene practices.

  • Easy Rinse-Off: The foam soap is designed to be easy to rinse off, saving you time and water while ensuring a refreshing clean.

  • Ideal for Various Settings: IMEC 525F Foam Hand Soap is ideal for a wide range of settings, including hospitals, healthcare facilities, food and beverage establishments, and educational institutions. Its versatile application makes it a reliable choice for maintaining hygiene in various environments.



Technical Specifications:

  • Product Code: Look for the product code 100-525F-C to ensure you are getting the authentic IMEC 525F Foam Hand Soap.

  • pH Level: With a pH level of 6.5 (± 0.5), this foam soap provides effective cleansing without being harsh on your skin.

  • Color: IMEC 525F is colorless, ensuring that no unwanted residues are left behind during handwashing.

  • Packaging: Each purchase includes a practical 2 x 10L pack, providing you with an ample supply to meet your hand-cleaning needs.

  • For the best results and optimal use, pair IMEC 525F Foam Hand Soap with the IF1000 Foam Soap Dispenser, designed to deliver a seamless handwashing experience.



Experience the epitome of hand-cleaning luxury with IMEC 525F Foam Hand Soap. Nourish your hands while maintaining impeccable hygiene in the most efficient and gentle way possible.


Choose IMEC 525F for a soothing, fragrant, and Halal-certified handwashing experience.

  • Gentle and Protective: IMEC 525F Foam Hand Soap is gentle to your hands, and the added skin protection moisturizer ensures your skin's well-being, making it suitable for frequent use.


SKU: IK-525F-10L
  • No Returns upon bottles opened.

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