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This product is one of our BEST SELLING commercial insect light trap for large environment food processing industry.


Designed for large environments that require high hygienic conditions. This Ceiling Hanging Lamps have to be installed far away from light sources (windows, etc) and air drafts, since they may hinder the insect’s flight. IK-BT420 is highly efficient in food display, meat processing, and large environment food preparation areas.


IKAWA PROFESSIONAL INSECTS LIGHT TRAP MODEL IK-BT420 is the perfect solution to fly problems as they are attracted to the high-intensity 4units of 20watts Master Actinic UV Tube and are captured by the adhesive board hidden inside.


The best positioning is between the entrance and the production points, so that insects can be captured before they arrive to the critical points struction. The item is made of Stainless Steel metal sheet.

IKAWA IK-BT420 Commercial Insects Light Trap + 5 PCS GLUEBOARDS

RM2,200.00 Regular Price
RM1,800.00Sale Price
  • Technical Specs:

    Dimension: 657x 390 x 230mm

    Weight: 11.5 KG

    Coverage: 180m2

    Electrical Input Voltage: 220-240V

    UV Tubes: 4 units x 20w Shatterproof UV Light Tube

    Master Actinic UV Shatterproof Tube

    Warranty: 2 Years



    Glueboard Size: 370 mm x 650 mm

    Material: Art Card

    Shelf Life: >60 Days under erosion of UV Rays

    FOC 1 pack [10pcs] per unit machine

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