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Introducing the IK-GB-WAVE30 Replacement Board, the ultimate solution to effectively trap flying insects while ensuring the safety and convenience of your insect traps.


Made with top-quality materials, these pheromone glue boards are designed to attract insects without harming humans, providing a longer life and increased trap efficiency.


Key Features:
Premium UV-Resistant Materials: IK-GB-WAVE30 Replacement Board is crafted using the finest UV-resistant materials, ensuring its durability and integrity even when exposed to the heat emitted from fly filler tubes. This prevents the board from losing its effectiveness and maintains its performance over time.
Effective Insect Attraction: The glue boards are enriched with insect pheromones, creating an irresistible lure that attracts flying insects effectively, allowing for efficient insect control.
Non-Harmful Pheromone: The insect pheromones used in the glue boards are harmless to humans, making them a safe and eco-friendly solution for your fly traps.
Black Paper Design: The black paper enhances the effectiveness of the glue boards by creating a visually attractive surface for flying insects, further ensuring successful trapping.

Size:430mm x 120mm
Duration: IK-GB-WAVE30 Replacement Board has a lifespan of up to 2 months, guaranteeing consistent performance for an extended period.
Materials: The glue boards are made with a combination of adhesive glue and insect pheromones, ensuring reliable trapping efficiency.


Package Included:
 1 X IK-GB-WAVE30 ()10pcs/pack)
 2 X IK-GB-WAVE30 ()10pcs/pack)


Efficient Trapping and Easy Replacement:
TheIK-GB-WAVE30 Replacement Board utilizes sticky, high-quality glue and wax to trap flying insects effectively. Once caught, the insects remain securely on the board, preventing any escapes and ensuring the cleanliness of your space.


Regular Replacement for Optimal Performance:
To maintain peak performance, it is recommended to replace the glue boards every month or sooner, depending on the level of insect infestation in your area. This ensures that your fly traps remain efficient in capturing flying insects and maintaining a hygienic environment.


Returns & Refund Policy:
Rest assured that all IK-GB-WAVE30 Replacement Boards are carefully packed and counted before shipment. In case of any manufacturing defects, our returns and refund policy covers these glue boards to guarantee your satisfaction.


Trust in IKAWA's expertise in insect traps and fly killers with the IK-GB-WAVE30 Replacement Board. Enhance the performance of your insect traps and maintain a fly-free environment with ease and reliability. #ikawa #insecttrap #glueboard #ikawagroupsb #insectkiller

High Quality Glue Fly Trap for IK-GB-WAVE 30- 10pcs/pack (120mm x 430mm)

RM60.00 Regular Price
RM55.00Sale Price
  • All glueboards items are packed & counted before sending out to clients. Defects, returns & refund policy upon manufacturers defect.

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