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Germicidal UV Light Bulbs: Unleash Powerful Germ-Killing Performance


Experience the next level of germ eradication with our Germicidal UV Light Bulbs. Engineered to obliterate germs, these bulbs are a powerhouse in environments where hygiene is paramount. Say goodbye to airborne germs in food handling, hospitals, and restaurants. With G15T8 germicidal fluorescent light bulbs, superior germ control is at your fingertips.


Key Features:


  1. Precision Germ Annihilation: G15T8 germicidal fluorescent light bulbs are a proven weapon against microorganisms. In food handling, hospitals, and more, these bulbs take down germs to ensure a safer environment.
  2. Specialized Usage: Employ these bulbs exclusively in approved germicidal fixtures. Their intense output requires careful handling to protect both eyes and skin from potential harm.
  3. Compact and Versatile: The compact G15T8 design, with its bi-pin base, fits effortlessly into spaces where room is a luxury. Ideal for confined settings, it ensures efficient germ control without compromising on efficiency.



  • Wattage: 15 Watts
  • Voltage: 55 Volts
  • Length: 436mm
  • Diameter: 25.5mm
  • Base Type: G13 Bi-Pin
  • UV Output: 4.9 Watts
  • Average Life Hours: 8,000 Hours


Broad Applications:

Safe Food Handling: In food processing and restaurants, G15T8 bulbs maintain a germ-free environment, keeping food safe from contamination.

Medical Facilities: Hospitals trust G15T8 bulbs to create a sterile atmosphere, safeguarding patients and practitioners alike.

Air Purity: These bulbs shine in air conditioning systems, purifying the air we breathe.

Pharmaceutical Precision: In pharmaceutical production and clean rooms, G15T8 bulbs contribute to a sterile, controlled environment.

Pure Drinking Water: Used in drinking water purification, these bulbs ensure water is free from harmful microorganisms.

Lighting Up Science: In photochemistry and phototherapy, G15T8 bulbs become catalysts for scientific advancement.

Dermatological Excellence: Dermatology benefits from G15T8 bulbs’ sterilization prowess.

Embrace Germ-Free Living:

Experience the reassurance of an environment shielded from bacteria, germs, mold, and viruses. Our G15T8 15 Watt UV Germicidal Lamp transforms ordinary spaces into zones of exceptional hygiene.


Cautionary Note: Harness their power wisely. Protect your eyes and skin from their intensity. Equipment should be designed to filter UV-C radiation completely.


Quality Assurance: Rest easy knowing that every bulb undergoes testing before reaching you. Our return and refund policy covers manufacturing defects.


Warranty: Enjoy a 3-months warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Elevate your surroundings to a new standard of purity with Germicidal UV Light Bulbs. Trust in technology that transforms spaces into sanctuaries of health and well-being.

Sankyo Denki G15T8 15W 18" UV Germicidal Lamp

  • Technical Specifications:

    Wattage: 15W

    Wattage: 55 Volt

    Length: 436mm

    Diameter: 25.5mm

    Base Type: G13 Bi-Pin

    UV Output: 4.9 (W)

    Average Life Hours: 8000hours

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