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Design and Construction: The TL60W/10R UV lamp is a tubular fluorescent lamp, commonly known as a UV-C lamp. It has a tubular shape, and its length is typically 120 cm (4 feet). The lamp is designed to fit into standard T12 fluorescent lamp fixtures, making it easy to replace conventional fluorescent tubes with UV-C emitting ones.


Wavelength and UV-C Emission: The TL60W/10R emits ultraviolet radiation in the UV-C spectrum, which has a wavelength range of approximately 100 to 280 nanometers. UV-C radiation is highly effective at germicidal sterilization, as it can destroy the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and molds, rendering them unable to reproduce or cause infections.


Application Areas:


1. Germicidal Sterilization: The primary application of the TL60W/10R UV lamp is in germicidal disinfection systems. These lamps are used in hospitals, laboratories, food processing facilities, and other environments where maintaining a sterile environment is crucial.


2. Water Treatment: UV-C lamps are employed in water treatment systems to kill or inactivate harmful microorganisms present in water, including bacteria and viruses.


3.  Air Purification: UV-C lamps are integrated into air purifiers and HVAC systems to sterilize the air by neutralizing airborne pathogens and allergens.


4. Surface Sterilization: UV-C lamps can be used to disinfect surfaces, such as countertops, medical equipment, and electronic devices.


5. Safety Considerations: UV-C radiation can be harmful to humans if directly exposed to skin and eyes. Therefore, the TL60W/10R UV lamp should be used in enclosed fixtures or systems with safety measures in place to prevent accidental exposure. When handling or replacing the lamp, proper protective gear, such as gloves and goggles, should be worn.


6. Lifespan: The TL60W/10R UV lamp has a limited lifespan and typically needs to be replaced after a certain number of operating hours. Manufacturers provide guidelines for lamp replacement, and it's essential to follow these recommendations to ensure the lamp's effectiveness.


7. Energy Efficiency: The TL60W/10R UV lamp is designed to be energy-efficient, providing high UV-C output with relatively low power consumption.


The Philips TL60W/10R Ultraviolet lamp is a powerful and versatile UV-C light source that finds applications in various industries, particularly in sterilization and purification processes. When used correctly and safely, it can help create a healthier and cleaner environment by effectively eliminating harmful microorganisms.


Model: TL-K 60W / 10-R - Manufacturer: PHILIPS - Made in GERMANY
 - - Power 60W, T12, length 1.2m, ball diameter 40.5mm
 - - There is a built-in reflective inside the ball
 - Ball life: 2,000h
 - - Emits UVA light wavelength 350-400nm

 Application of UVA rays: + Glows hidden details on: Money or marbles....

Glows some gems

 - - Application:

  • Used for the manufacturing industry: packaging, garment, textile, dye, ink., printingWashing photos
  • Used for cash registers, fabrics, packaging
  • For FLEXO printers
  • Used for printer





  • Power and Dimensions: The UV lamp has a power rating of 60W and comes in a T12 tube format with a length of 2 meters. The ball diameter is 40.5mm.


  • Built-in Reflective Design: The lamp is equipped with a built-in reflective surface inside the ball. This design enhances the efficiency of the UV lamp by directing and maximizing the UV radiation emitted.


  • Lifespan: The UV lamp has a rated life of 2,000 hours. After this period, it may need replacement to maintain optimal performance.


  • UVA Light Emission: The UV lamp emits UVA (Ultraviolet A) light with a wavelength range of 350 to 400 nanometers. UVA rays are capable of exciting fluorescent materials, causing them to emit visible light, which is useful for specific applications.




  • Detection of Hidden Details: The UV lamp can be used to reveal hidden details on items such as money or marbles. UVA light can cause certain materials to fluoresce, making it easier to detect specific features or markings that are not visible under normal light.


  • Gem Glowing: The UV lamp can be used to assess certain types of gems, as some gems may exhibit unique fluorescent properties under UVA light.


  • Manufacturing Industry: The UV lamp finds applications in various sectors of the manufacturing industry, including packaging, garments, textiles, dyes, inks, and printing. It can be used for quality control, inspection, and identifying specific features or defects in materials.


  • Cash Registers and Packaging: In cash handling environments, the UV lamp can be utilized to detect counterfeit money, as counterfeit notes may react differently to UVA light compared to genuine currency. Additionally, the lamp can be used for inspecting packaging materials and security features.


  • FLEXO Printers: FLEXO printing is a type of relief printing commonly used in the packaging industry. The UV lamp may play a role in curing inks and coatings during the FLEXO printing process.


  • Photographic Processing: The UV lamp might be used for washing or curing photosensitive materials in photographic processing.


Please note that the specific applications and usage of the "TL-K 60W / 10-R" UV lamp may vary depending on the manufacturer's guidelines and the requirements of the industry it is used in. For detailed and up-to-date information, it's best to refer to the official documentation or contact the manufacturer directly.



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