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Introducing IKAWA NEW & IMPROVED MR88 Dishwash Liquid - The Ultimate Solution for Effective Oil Removal!


Tired of struggling with stubborn oil and grease on your dishes? Look no further! IKAWA MR88 Dishwash Liquid has been specially crafted with a unique high degreasing power and easy rinse cleaning properties, making it the perfect choice for achieving spotless dishes while saving water, time, and money!


Features and Benefits:

  • Lemon Flavor Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid: Experience the refreshing aroma of lemon with every wash. This lemon-flavored dishwash liquid will elevate your cleaning experience.

  • Natural Lemon Essential Oil: Infused with natural lemon essential oil, the pleasant scent will leave your dishes smelling fresh and delightful.

  • pH Neutral - Gentle on Hands: With a pH-neutral formula, IKAWA MR88 Dishwash Liquid is gentle on your hands while effectively tackling tough grease and oil.

  • 99% Biodegradable Ingredients: Caring for the environment is essential. Rest assured, this dishwash liquid is made from 99% biodegradable ingredients, making it eco-friendly.

  • 3x Effective Strong Degreasing Power: Say goodbye to oily residue on your dishes. This powerful formula boasts 3 times the effective degreasing power for spotless results.

  • Boosted with Natural Mineral Salts: The inclusion of natural mineral salts enhances the cleaning efficiency, ensuring a thorough clean with minimal effort.

  • 5 Liters Bottle: With the generous 5 liters capacity, you get an ample supply to last through numerous cleaning sessions.


How to Use:

Simply apply a small amount of IKAWA MR88 Dishwash Liquid on your sponge or directly on the greasy surface. Effortlessly scrub away the oil and grease, and rinse with water for squeaky-clean dishes.



  • Kitchenware: Whether it's greasy pots and pans or oily utensils, IKAWA MR88 Dishwash Liquid easily cuts through the toughest stains.

  • Glassware and Cutlery: Give your glassware and cutlery a streak-free shine, making every meal more enjoyable.

  • Cooking Appliances: From stovetops to oven trays, this powerful dishwash liquid efficiently removes oil and grime, leaving your cooking appliances spotless.


Experience the magic of IKAWA NEW & IMPROVED MR88 Dishwash Liquid and simplify your dishwashing routine. Enjoy clean, sparkling dishes and embrace the refreshing lemon scent as you conquer stubborn oil and grease effortlessly. Choose IKAWA MR88 Dishwash Liquid for a cleaner and greener kitchen!

NEW & IMPROVED MR88 Dishwash Detergent Thicker & More Bubbles

  • No Returns upon bottles opened.

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