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Product Information: Lekise F15WT8/BL T8 Insect Killer Tube
Model: F15WT8/BL
Type: T8 Insect Killer Tube
Wattage: 15W
Material: Glass
Voltage: 220-240V / 50-60Hz
UV: 2.1 UV

Application: Insect killer only
Length: 430mm (excluding pin length)
Dimension: 449x25x25mm (with pin)
Color: White (before light on) / Ultra Violet (light blue)
Country of Origin: Made in Thailand


Product Description:
The Lekise F15WT8/BL T8 Insect Killer Tube is a high-quality, energy-efficient solution designed to effectively attract and eliminate flying insects. With its thoughtful technical specifications and reliable performance, this insect killer tube is the ideal choice for environments where insect control is a priority.


Key Features:

Powerful Insect Attraction: The 2.1 UV emission of this tube lures flying insects towards the light source, making it highly effective in attracting and trapping pests.


Energy-Efficient: With a wattage of just 15W, this tube provides excellent insect control while minimizing energy consumption, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Durable Glass Construction: Crafted from high-quality glass, this tube is built to last, ensuring long-term insect control without the need for frequent replacements.


Wide Voltage Compatibility: The tube operates on a voltage range of 220-240V at 50-60Hz, making it suitable for various electrical systems.


Easy Installation: Designed with convenience in mind, this insect killer tube can be easily installed in compatible fixtures to start protecting your space from flying pests.


Color Changing Indicator: The tube features a color change from white to ultra-violet (light blue) when in use, providing a clear visual indication of its active insect control function.



The Lekise F15WT8/BL T8 Insect Killer Tube is intended exclusively for insect control applications. It is ideal for use in homes, restaurants, food processing areas, warehouses, and any other environment where flying insects pose a nuisance.


Safety Precautions:

Please ensure that the tube is installed securely in a compatible fixture.
Disconnect power before installation or replacement.
Keep out of reach of children.

For optimal performance, replace the tube periodically as per the manufacturer's recommendations.

Country of Origin:

This Lekise Insect Killer Tube is proudly made in Thailand, known for its high-quality manufacturing standards.


Ensure a pest-free environment with the Lekise F15WT8/BL T8 Insect Killer Tube. Trust in its reliable performance, energy efficiency, and quality construction to keep your space free from flying insects.


RM22.00 Regular Price
RM14.00Sale Price
  • All items are tested before sending out to clients. Defects, returns & refund policy upon manufacturers defect.

  • 3 months (manufacturer’s defect)

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