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IMEC PU Table Tissue Dispenser, your ultimate solution for maintaining cleanliness and tidiness in various settings. This versatile dispenser is designed to be refilled with either IMEC HBT-1 Single Ply Emboss Tissue or IMEC HBT-2 2 Ply Emboss Tissue, offering you a choice based on your specific wiping needs. With its compact and convenient design, it can be used on dining tables, conference tables, coffee tables, and more, ensuring easy access to tissues whenever needed.


Key Features:

  • Multi-Purpose Tissue Dispenser: The IMEC PU Table Tissue Dispenser is not only perfect for dining tables but also fits well on conference tables, coffee tables, and other surfaces, making it suitable for various environments.

  • Easy Refill System: Refilling is a breeze with this dispenser, as it effortlessly accommodates IMEC HBT-1 Single Ply Emboss Tissue or IMEC HBT-2 2 Ply Emboss Tissue, ensuring quick and convenient replenishment.

  • Toothpick Holder: This dispenser comes with a built-in toothpick holder, offering additional functionality and ensuring everything you need is within reach.

  • Receipt/Paper Holder: Keep your receipts or small papers organized and easily accessible with the receipt/paper holder feature, promoting an orderly environment.

  • Neat and Tidy Spaces: Maintain a clean and organized atmosphere in your dining areas, reception, lobby, public areas, bedrooms, and halls, thanks to the IMEC PU Table Tissue Dispenser's practical design.

  • Suitable for Medium to High Traffic Areas: Designed for medium to high traffic areas, this dispenser ensures that tissues are readily available for use even during busy times.


Technical Specifications:

  • Product Code: 300-1301
  • Dimension (cm): 11.5 (L) x 11 (W) x 16 (H)
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Color: White


Recommended for Use in Various Settings:

IMEC PU Table Tissue Dispenser is highly recommended for use in various settings, including offices, hotels, hospitals, retail shops, food and beverage establishments, factories, educational institutions, banks, shopping malls, and more. Its compact size and multi-functional features make it a versatile and practical addition to any environment.


Experience the convenience and efficiency of IMEC PU Table Tissue Dispenser as it ensures easy access to tissues for all your wiping needs. Its toothpick holder and receipt/paper holder features add extra value and functionality, enhancing the overall user experience. Trust in the quality and durability of this dispenser, designed to fit one pack of tissue, making it a reliable and long-lasting choice for keeping your space clean and organized.

IMEC PU Table Tissue Dispenser

  • No returns once opened

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