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Introducing IMEC 520 Odorban Toilet Deodorant Blocks - A Powerful Deodorizer with Safe Alternatives


IMEC 520 Odorban Toilet Deodorant Blocks offer a potent solution to combat odors in restrooms. These crystallized parablocks contain 100% paradichlorobenzene, a powerful deodorant and disinfectant agent that helps reduce unpleasant odors in toilets and urinals. However, it is crucial to be aware that paradichlorobenzene can release harmful vapors, posing health hazards if inhaled or ingested in large quantities


Consider the following options:

  • Natural Deodorizers: Explore natural alternatives, like essential oil-based deodorizers or enzymatic solutions, which effectively neutralize odors without harmful side effects.

  • Air Purifiers: Install air purifiers or air fresheners that use safe and non-toxic methods to keep the air fresh and free from unwanted smells.

  • Low-Chemical Cleaning Products: Choose low-chemical or eco-friendly cleaning products for restroom maintenance, which are effective in keeping spaces clean without compromising on safety.


IMEC 520 Odorban Toilet Deodorant Blocks are suitable for toilets, urinal bowls, schools, theatres, and institutions. Simply place them directly into urinals for convenient and efficient deodorization.


  • Packing Options:

  • 5kg per Tin
  • 20kg per Drum


For optimal results, ensure regular cleaning practices and proper ventilation to reduce unpleasant odors in restrooms. By incorporating these practices, you can create a fresh and inviting environment for everyone.

IMEC 520 Odorban Toilet Deodorant Blocks, 5kg/20kg

  • No Returns upon bottles opened.

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