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High Quality Replacement Glueboards for the Virolite 40 Fly Trap – your ultimate solution for effective and long-lasting insect control. Crafted to perfection, these glue boards are designed to keep your space insect-free and hygienic.


Duration: Up to 2 months
Size Dimension: 558mm x 167mm
Materials: Glue, Insect Pheromone
Pheromone for attract insects but not harm to human


The secret lies in our unique formulation, which includes a safe insect pheromone that attracts pesky insects without posing any harm to humans.

The eye-catching yellow color is a proven winner in attracting flying insects, making these glue boards highly effective in capturing unwanted pests. Our non-drip coating ensures that these boards stay mess-free and easy to handle.


For optimal performance, we recommend routine replacement every 4 weeks, especially during infestations, ensuring your fly trap remains at its peak efficiency. However, with our long-lasting formulation, you can rest assured that these glue boards will stay effective for extended periods, saving you time and effort in maintenance.



Choose our glueboards and say goodbye to flying insects and hello to a clean, insect-free environment. Join countless satisfied customers and make your space more inviting, hygienic, and pest-free. Trust IKAWA for top-notch insect control solutions! #ikawa #insecttrap #glueboard #ikawagroupsb #insectkiller

High Quality Glue Fly Trap Replacement for IK-GB-VIROLITE- (558mm x 167mm)

  •  All glueboards items are packed & counted before sending out to clients. Defects, returns & refund policy upon manufacturers defect.

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