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This type of adhesive glueboard sticky pad using recycleable art card and coated with very sticky adhesive glue. This type of adhesive glue is weather resistant and it does not dry out or wash off by the rain. It works best under UV rays without dripping issues. Its stickiness can last up to 60 days or until the coverage areas are completely covered by insects.


  • High quality UVA resistance adhesive more effective for longer periods of time


  • Fines blends adhesive coating for long shelf life to minimize stocking issues



Glueboard Size: 250 x 243 mm

Material: Art Card

Shelf Life: >60 Days under erosion of UV Rays

Packing: 10pcs/pack


Refill Glueboards for Insects Light Trap Model:



Directions to use:

This glueboard sticky pad is very user friendly. Peel off the plastic cover sheet and place it onto the insects light trap machine at the designated area slot.


A replacement sheet will due within 30 days or until the glueboard adhesive sticky pad is fully covered by insects.

IK-GB-SUNBURST Glueboard 250mm x 243mm Replacement [10pcs/pack]

RM100.00 Regular Price
RM55.00Sale Price
  • All glueboards items are packed & counted before sending out to clients. Defects, returns & refund policy upon manufacturers defect.

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