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JAF TerraComb catalyst honeycomb carbon filter is the best way to remove odor from kitchen smoking, which had used newest technology “reaction of catalytic”. TerraComb also had the ability to adsorb acidic, basic and VOCs gases transferred to CO2 and water.


  • Latest Technology in Chemical Filter Media
  • Very Low Pressure Drop; High Energy Saving Potential
  • Available in various specification and sizes
  • Can remove wide spectrum of Impurities
  • ULTRA LOW DUST Carry Over
  • Totally Safe & Non-Toxic Fresh (New) Media
  • Suitable for all types of installations, such as Deep Filtration Beds, Cassette & Canister Module equipment systems
  • Easy to Install & Replace



More information:

  • Customized Modules made with High Density & Best Quality Activated Carbon Media with Catalysts
  • Powdered Micro-Porous, Activated Carbon media with Catalyst is extruded in to Cell Cubes of many small, parallel compartments in Grid Arrangement
  • Turbulence created in the cell compartments during the passage of air helps to increase the media contact time with the pollutants at very low resistances to air movement
  • Surface Adsorption & Decomposition of Molecular Pollutants in the cell compartments
  • Wide Spectrum of impurities such as, H2S, SO2, NH3, silicones, organic hydrocarbons, VOCs, etc, can be removed using TerraComb Technology

JAF TerraComb VOC/Indoor/Kitchen Odor Removal