IK-BT701 unit is specially designed as a wall mounted unit that effectively captures all flying insects for both indoor / outdoor area as it consists of shatterproof box to cover the UV-Light tube.


The special UV-A lamps are set to attract all flying insects to the appli- ance. When insects approach, they remain stuck on the glued paper (supplied as a spare part).


This appliance allows monitoring and capturing the flying insects within neaby environment.


Position the appliance preferably at a height of about 6.5 feet, placing it in the darkest area of the room, far from windows. This because this unit must eliminate insects from indoor and must avoid to attract other of them from outdoor inside the room.


This unit is made with stainless steel that is durable & long lasting. It can be installed to the wall in two positions: with the lamps and the glued papers towards the wall or towards the room In the first case, you will not see the stuck insects on the gluedpaper, but the lamps will have less range of action; in the second case the lamps will have the maximum range of action, but you will see the stuck insects on the glued paper. We suggest to install the appliance with the lamps towards the wall in public spaces.


We recommend to install the appliance at the ceiling or at the wall with the lamps towards outside, to have the maximum range of action.


  • Structure: Aluminium appropriated to be used in foodprocessing environments.

  • Cover: plexiglass (PMMA), which is transparent at the UV-A radia- tion of the lamps. It makes the appliance shatter-proof, because in case of breaking of the lamps it avoid to contaminate the envi- ronment where the device is placed.

  • Protection degree: IP55, it means that the appliance is protected by water spouts, and this allows its utilisation both inside and outside even in environments with high levels of humidity.

IKAWA IK-BT701 Insects Light Trap [shatterproof]

RM800.00 Regular Price
RM400.00Sale Price
  • Technical Specs:

    Dimension: 400mm x 147 x 135mm

    Weight: 2.5 kgs

    Coverage: 100m2

    Electrical Input Voltage: 220-240V

    UV Tubes: 2 unit x 15w UV Light Tube

    Material: Alluminium-Plexiglass

    Warranty: 2 Years



    Glueboard Size: 355 x 160 mm

    Material: Art Card

    Shelf Life: >60 Days under erosion of UV Rays