Our IK-TAC series attract flying insects by emitting UV light at 350 nanometres, the optimum wavelength for insect attraction. Attracted into the IK-TAC Series unit insects are entrapped on a glueboard discretely hidden within it. The glueboard is easily accessible and is quick and easy to change

IKAWA PROFESSIONAL INSECTS LIGHT TRAP MODEL IK-TAC750 is the perfect solution to fly problems as they are attracted to the high-intensity Synergetic UV light and are captured by the adhesive board hidden inside.


Ideal for large food processing, commercial areas, warehouse and factory, the IK-TAC750 keeps insects trapped inside the machine, allowing ultimate discretion in sensitive areas.IK-TAC750 can be both hang up on wall or stand alone unit fly trap that – to be placed up to a maximum of 6 feet. It made out of white/black powder coated steel which makes the unit more durable and long lasting. 


The unit is more hygienic and easy to maintain compared to the traditional electric zappers which kills insects then spread infection into our air. Our mission is to bring the most hygienic ways to prevent the flying insects fragmented showering viruses and bacteria.


WHY do we use Synergetic UV Green Lamp?

Our unit employs unique combinations of adhesive technology and green synergetic light series which is making it more advance than the normal UV light tubes compared to other brands in the market.


Based upon a unique phosphor mix, patented technology ensures that a broader ‘two peak’ wavelength is maintained (368nm and 540nm) attracting a wide range of insects including stored product moths, whilst attracting the common housefly as effectively as traditional blue UV bulbs, giving you the best of both UV technologies.

Flying insects are attracted to the units by the strong UV Synergetic light with double wavelength emitted by the UV tubes and will be trapped into the glue board. 


With this trap/machine you catch the insects/flies in most effective and most hygienic ways without effecting the people surrounds you. 


Easy to service, robust, simple yet elegant and effective.


IK-TAC750B Professional Insects Light Trap

RM900.00 Regular Price
RM750.00Sale Price
Color: black
  • Technical Specs:

    Dimension: 475 x 150 x 235mm

    Weight: 6.5kgs

    Coverage: 100m2

    Electrical Input Voltage: 220-240V

    UV Tubes: 2 units x 15 w Synergetic UV Light Tube

    Manufacturers Avg Lamp Life: 8000hrs

    Colour: Insect-O-Cutor (Green Light)

    Warranty: 2 Years



    Glueboard Size: 445mm x 320mm

    Material: Art Card

    Shelf Life: >60 Days under erosion of UV Rays