This Insect Trap is ideal for indoor use. Safe and strong unit comes with only 35W total power: Lower consumption for the best domestic pest control strategy. It can be placed on furniture, on the ground or hung on the wall.


The structure is in polypropylene and comes with an extra protection for domestic application.


Equipped with an actinic 15w UV-A Lamp with irradiation of 8-10metres.


Approved by IMQ and designed to grant maximum conmfort, silence and safety.

IK-BT303B Mo-el Mosquito Trap [Mini]

RM118.00 Regular Price
RM64.90Sale Price
  • Technical Specifications:

    Structure: PP

    Dimension: 120mm x 80mm 

    Weight: 0.5 kg

    Voltage: 230v/50Hz

    UVA-Lamps: 35w

    Lamp Life: 1 x 15W

    Motor Speed: 5000h

    Insulation Class: 900rpm