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Easy and Convenient to use. Hygiene control. 


1) Table Stand (1 unit)
2) IMEC IASS1000 Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser
3) IMEC 585s Hand Sanitizer


1) 1 unit Steady Metal Stand (Short) - Tabletop Stand 
     Dimension: 45(H) x 24(W) x 24(L)

2) 1 unit IMEC IASS1000 Automatic Sensor Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (Spray type)
Wall mounted auto hand sanitizer dispenser (spray)
Capacity: 1,200ml
Unique safety lock to prevent theft and vandalism
Durable ABS plastic
LED light indicator to indicate power low or power on
Infrared sensor – touch-free to prevent spreading of bacteria
3 dosage setting: 1 – 3 dosage/dispense
Optional with 9V adaptor to replace battery usage
Dispense 1.3ml per dosage
Clear sight window for quick soap level check
Material: ABS
Perfect for any washroom and kitchen
Refill with IMEC 585S Hand Sanitizer or 585SC Spray Clean
Recommended to use at Home, Office, Hotel, Hospital, Retail Shop, Restaurant & etc
Type of Dispenser available: Hand Sanitizer Dispenser



3) IMEC 585s Hand Sanitizer 5Liter x 1 Bottle
Reduce bacteria on skin that may cause disease
Hand sanitizer (liquid)
For sanitizer
Suitable to use with Spray Sanitizer Dispenser
Kill virus and bacteria up to 99.99% effectively
Ingredients : Ethanol contains 65% – 68%
Disinfect hands without soap and water
Ideal to use in hospital, education center, day care center, shopping mall, any public area
Refer IMEC 585SC Spray Clean Sanitizer for sanitizing toilet fixture, surfaces, and fittings


Table Stand + IMEC IASS1000 Auto Dispenser + IMEC 585s Hand Sanitizer(1x 5L)